Ryan N. Gajarawala

Ryan N. Gajarawala '22 is the Multimedia Chair of the 147th guard.

Photographer Ryan N. Gajarawala can be reached at

Latest Content

UC Zoom Meeting

Due to the university's transition to remote learning, the Undergraduate Council hosted a virtual Zoom emergency meeting, open to the public, regarding endorsements of grading policies to the university administration.

Harvard School of Public Health

New research from Harvard School of Public Health professor Xihong Lin elucidates how coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China and analyzes the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing.

Loeb House

The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard, an alumni group focused on increasing diversity at the University, has endorsed five candidates for the Board of Overseers and six candidates vying to be Harvard Alumni Association Elected Directors.

Coronavirus OCS

With lockdowns and economic downturn, the current COVID-19 pandemic has brought much uncertainty to the Class of '20, who must now plan and search for post-graduate employment.