Ryan N. Gajarawala

Ryan N. Gajarawala '22 is the Multimedia Chair of the 147th guard.

Photographer Ryan N. Gajarawala can be reached at

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In order to return to campus, certain health concerns must be considered, including the ability to conduct contact tracing and isolation for symptomatic individuals, and ensuring the level of immunity of students and the surrounding community is sufficient.


The “six pillars” to control the outbreak are mask wearing, social distancing, testing, contract tracing, isolation, and treatment, all of which would be necessary to be in place at Harvard for students to return.

FAS Dean Gay

More than 100 faculty members signed a letter in December to Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay that prompted Gay to initiate a review of the FAS tenure promotion system.

Mallinckrodt Laboratory

Chemistry professors Theodore A. Betley and Daniel Kahne currently serve as interim co-chairs of the Chemistry department, located in the Edward Mallinckrodt Chemical Laboratory.

Eliot Dining Hall

Eliot Dining Hall, known for its large windows and beautiful architecture, is mostly empty of students during Sunday morning brunch, depicting the potential implications of social distancing guidelines.