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HUPSF Bicycle Club (1). Harvard University Archives.

The men of the Harvard Bicycle Club pose for an 1885 photo with their high-wheelers — precursors to the modern-day bicycle. The oldest collegiate cycling club in the country, the HBC was both an athletic organization and a semi-exclusive social club during its relatively brief existence. HUPSF Bicycle Club (1).

Statistical Report of the Statisticians Chart

A chart included in the Statistical Report of the Statisticians that lists current students who “would have been excluded” under the “New Plan” of admissions. An “x” signifies if a student would have been rejected for being a “line case” or for failing English. Certain students are also marked with a red “J.”

PBHA Prisons Talk Poster

A poster advertises a conversation about Massachusetts prisons at the Phillips Brooks House in the fall of 1973, five months after the end of the Walpole guard strike. Arnie Coles, the then-president of the National Prisoners Reform Association, was one of the guest speakers. (HUD 3688.272. Harvard University Archives.)

Riverside scrut 14

Renderings of the proposed Treeland development, a towering graduate student housing complex which was planned for the Treeland-Bindery site in Riverside. After prolonged pushback from residents, the Treeland plans were scrapped in 1971.