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Nick J. Danby

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Giving Thanks to Imperfection and Improvement

Most importantly, between finishing the turkey and devouring the apple pie, I will take a moment to give thanks for my ancestors and America — a unique, imperfect, and extraordinary experiment.

American Déjà Vu

Despite these monumental cultural changes, some things are eerily similar. Such indistinguishable change plagues American foreign policy.

The Noose of Betrayal

As the U.S. demonstrates that it does not value loyalty, its rivals (Russia and China) will feel more emboldened to annex or bully America’s allies because they know the U.S. will not come to the rescue.

Your Thesis Might Just Change the World

But at a certain point, when I had requested pulled one too many folders and flipped through one too many files, I had to ask myself, “What is it all for?”

Trump: Maximalist or Retrencher?

America is committed to building a better world and thwarting those who upend such progress. We don’t have to ignore global interests just to make America first.

The End of Foreign Policy

Millennials, and especially Harvard students (many of whom will be our nation’s future leaders), should study and debate these issues and their histories. Their importance to peace and prosperity demands more reflection.