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Kaiser Mejit

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The Sound of Breaking Silence on China’s Treatment of Uighurs

When I think of the voices that have come out from Harvard, I am proud and convinced that a motto of our country, “E Pluribus Unum,” was engraved in the Harvard spirit. That spirit urges people to act when there are injustices, even if they are in far-flung corners of the forgotten world — and this deserves my gratitude.

Library for a Lost Land

At this moment, when it is impossible to receive Uighur books or magazines from Urumqi and Uighurs abroad are unable to contact loved ones, I, a Harvardian of Uighur origin, find some comfort from what Harvard has done for my people.

The Sparkling of the Harvard Spirit

I urge the Harvard community to remind the Chinese government that respecting Uighurs’ human rights, treating them benignly, and letting them live the way they want to live is the best cure to this conflict.