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Charlotte R. Moses

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When We’re Back, Just Make Conversation

We all have months of connection-building to make up for, and I think we will need to give ourselves permission to get to it. Just make conversation. There’s a good chance that the person you met in the Zoom square next to you was always hoping that you would.

There’s a Line for Vaccines, Don’t Cut It

It is for those we have lost and might lose that we must wait our turn in line — and we must do so in good faith, masked, six feet apart, with sanitizer in hand. It is for them too that we must demand a rapid vaccination campaign that protects the vulnerable, at-risk, and general public.

Strangers on the Streets

Please, students in the Class of 2024, wave to anyone who seems even possibly like another Harvard freshman. (And come on, it’s not that hard to recognize us around here.)