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Arts Vanity: The Perfect Moment for Every Song from my Summer 2023 Playlist

This feels like a good starting point. It’s been the spring, summer, and fall of “Tití Me Pregunto.” Please, everyone, stop in your tracks and play it on full blast wherever you are in order to secure a “Tití Me Pregunto” winter. I’ll be honest, it’s no “Yo Perreo Sola,” but nothing gets the people going like this song (sorry, “N*ggas in Paris”) — even if they speak absolutely zero words of Spanish.

Harvard Dean of Students Dunne Says Office Looking at Options to Rework Student Activities Fee as Undergrads Opt Out

Harvard College Dean of Students Thomas Dunne said during a Tuesday interview that the Dean of Students Office is working to understand the history and purpose of the student activities fee as an increasing number of students opt out of the $200 annual expense.

Harvard HoCos Face Budget Cut as Undergrads Opt Out of Annual $200 Student Activities Fee

Harvard College’s House Committees are searching for new ways to fundraise following a 5 percent decrease in annual funding from the Dean of Students Office, according to an October document obtained by The Crimson.

Harvard Pauses Recognition of New Student Orgs, Leaving Unrecognized Clubs Without Resources

The Harvard College Dean of Students Office will not recognize newly formed student organizations for the 2023-24 academic year, according to a Sept. 13 statement from Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Leadership Andrew Donahue.

Weeks After Move-In, River House Students Express ‘Mixed Feelings’ About Direct Dorm Package Delivery

Beginning Aug. 16, Harvard temporarily hired Olympia Moving and Storage to handle the processing and delivery of packages directly to the dorms of students living in the nine houses located along the Charles River. The change has drawn mixed reviews from students, who lauded the ease of having packages delivered to their dorms but bemoaned the system’s shortcomings.

‘Sunroof’ Singer Nicky Youre Lights Up Harvard Yard at Crimson Jam

Making his stage entrance to chants of “Hey Nicky, you’re so fine,” pop artist Nicky Youre called on Harvard students to put their hands up and get their heads out of the sunroof during Crimson Jam, the College’s annual fall concert.

When Harvard’s Clubs Become Companies

While most clubs advertise opportunities to find social connection or gain pre-professional experience, a small-but-growing number of student organizations boast perks and resources more akin to those of small corporations — including themed apparel, glamorous formal events, all-expenses-paid travel, financial aid, and six-figure budgets.