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Things Students Actually Want To See In Harvard Square

If Starbucks had to be sacrificed, it better be good. While HSA may be taking over the location with The Harvard Shop, it still left us wondering... what could be a cool new addition to the collection of stores & restaurants in the Square? Never fear — Flyby has you covered with a list of options that students ~actually~ want to see in the Square.

Happy Bingo-giving!

Given that dear old John was a pilgrim himself, I think he would want Harvard to give us more than three days to celebrate Thanksgiving (#rollcrim!). With finals looming ahead, you have no idea what to do with this sweet but small amount of time. You ask yourself: what are other students doing? Who’s taking this much needed break as well, a break, and who’s finally catching up on five weeks of unwatched CS50 and Ec10 lectures?

How to: Start Your Final Papers Early

You're finally free from the endless rounds of midterms – it's time to let loose and have fun, right? Well... ish. Now's a great time to balance end of semester fun with getting a jump on that final paper you're already dreading!

Should You Drink That Coffee at 4 a.m.?

Need to finish that essay that you left to the last minute even though you had four weeks and seventeen hours to do it? Before you jump to conclude that it’s always time to keep working in the true Harvard workaholic way, use this flowchart to let Flyby help decide your fate!

How To: Form a Family With Your Freshmen Roomies

So you asked for three roommates and instead got one? Or maybe you asked for one and got six? You said that you wanted to sleep at 3 a.m., but instead got paired with a bunch of kids who go to sleep at 8 p.m.? Every night? The rooming situation for freshmen isn’t always ideal. But hey, try to make the best of it!