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Alvira Tyagi

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Why I Write

My journey will consistently involve a struggle to unearth the exact words I seek; however, I am now forever equipped with an impetus behind why I work so hard to discover them. Above all, I aspire to always be the woman, classmate, and friend who others can entrust with their stories, wishes, and future visions

When It All Seems to Go Wrong

So, when it all seems to go wrong, take a moment to pause. Remember who is rooting for you. Remember all of the people who inspired, energized, and motivated you to reach where you are now. Remember that they are humans too — people who make mistakes, engage in self-reflection, and move onwards.

Let’s Talk About It

Day in and day out, scenes of political arguments flash across our screens. The intention behind broadcasting these arguments is often sound and justified – exposing Americans to the scope and complexities of political viewpoints is vital for developing societal awareness. Much of modern political discourse, however, unfurls egregiously in execution.

Why I Strive to Struggle

As I navigate through my early adult life, it is with my father’s confidence in mind that I propel myself towards my inconceivable dreams with no fear, no hesitancy, and no doubt. Once we give ourselves the space to struggle — and to struggle without judgment — we will finally perceive that the possibilities are truly endless.

My List of “Ands”

I have come to believe that to be a person of “ands” involves galvanizing the communities and individuals around you to embrace challenges with an open heart and sincere love. Let us cherish the “ands” in the people around us, and let us strive to never be content with only the “ands” we carry now.

Thank You, Tourists

Tourism should represent more to us than just flocks of strangers on campus: we must recognize tourists as a symbol of our privilege and our responsibility to utilize the vast opportunities granted to us as Harvard students.