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Mireya Sánchez-Maes

Mireya Sánchez-Maes ’24 is a joint concentrator in English and Theater, Dance, and Media in Currier House. Her column “Insect Insights” appears on alternate Wednesdays.

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Read a Book! Write a Rhyme!

Rhymes are often thought to be what only kids enjoy, but sometimes simple, silly stuff can bring the greatest joy! And so it is my hope for us that maybe over time, we’ll learn to find the joy in life. We’ll learn to find the rhyme.

Harvard’s Not Diverse. That’s Perverse.

If you run a school that has some students and some teachers, and you want diversity to be one of your features, you can’t just stop at undergrads. That simply just won’t do. True diversity means you need diverse teachers, too.

Stop Pretending You’re Poor

Cause what these students fail to see and others just ignore, is that being upper-middle class does not mean you are poor. The average Harvard income is like, far above the norm and financial stability can help kids to perform.

Housing Day. Yay.

Don’t cry if you get Quadded. And please don’t close the door. Cause all the Harvard houses have stuff to be happy for.

Don’t Be a Bro, Yo

Just know that there’s a million ways someone can be a bro. But they’re all pretty bad, so like, don’t do it, yo.

A(verse) to Legacy Admissions

So yeah, I hope by now I’ve been real clear ‘bout my position. Harvard, it’s high time we ditched the legacy admission.

Have Some Fun, Hon

So what’s this first piece all about? What’s column number one? People at this school, it seems, Feel guilty having fun.

Oh my Gawd I Got a Bee

If you worked as hard as you possibly can and earned a Bee, then congrats! You should feel proud of your personal growth and hard work. Conversely, if you got a 4.0 GPA, but didn’t learn anything or cheated your way into it, then the accomplishment is empty. True learning is about personal growth, and grades can be misleading.

If Harvard Students Were Honest…

As a Harvard student, I’m tremendously grateful for the opportunity to expand my intellectual horizons by spending copious amounts of time in your mandatory writing class. As a human teenager, though, I hate it with the passion of a thousand suns.