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Jessica Guo, Freshman Fencing Phenom, Set to Compete for Canada at 2024 Paris Olympics

Phenom freshman foil fencer Jessica Guo, who has proved herself to be a standout addition to the Harvard women’s fencing team this season, is set to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics for her home country of Canada.

Harvard’s Lauren Scruggs To Represent Team USA at 2024 Paris Olympics

Junior foil Lauren Scruggs, a standout member of the Harvard women’s fencing team the past three seasons, has clinched a spot fencing for the U.S. National Team at the 2024 Olympics.

150 Years of Harvard Football

When thinking of classic American sports, baseball usually comes to mind. But only 10 years after professional baseball was brought to the states, before the sport of basketball was even a thought in its creators head and a year before the first indoor hockey game was played (Hockey Hall of fame), the annals of football were being written by the Harvard Football Club.

The Reward Worth All of the Work: What It’s Like Walking on to Harvard Rowing

One of the most unique parts of Harvard Crew is a culture of walk ons. There are very few sports where athletes are encouraged to start anew in college, and join a varsity team in a sport they’ve never played before. Rowing is one of those sports. Many of the first-year class are encouraged to join the “novice” program, and commit to weeks of grueling workouts with the hopes of joining the team.