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A Love Letter to Bad Art (from a Humanities Major)

And the next time someone asks you what you’ve been reading lately, don't scramble for the last Booker-nominated title that the scholar in you hobbled through. Instead, let the human in you answer — and don’t forget to hold your head up high as you do.

It’s a Weird Time to be Korean in America

In the span of just fifteen to twenty years, Koreans who live overseas have swung from being ignored, fetishized, erased, commodified, and romanticized — all at the whim of white society’s attitude towards our country. When I reflect on these things, I can’t help but wish I could just watch my K-dramas in peace, the way I did as a kid.

Let’s Stop Pretending that ‘The Hunger Games’ Isn’t Good

Giving myself permission to be honest in my enjoyment of things was not only one of the most liberating choices I ever made, but also one of the most mature ones. And as I proceed with my last year of college, I’m determined to revisit a whole host of other missed experiences.

Gaslighting and Gatekeeping: the Literary Canon

Art gets made every. Single. Day. And although some critics and academics may be horrified to hear this, good art — whatever that may be — can, in reality, be found anywhere and from anyone. (You can read my latest piece to see what I mean about that). All of this means that erecting a canon of the so-called “greatest” art flies in the face of everything art should really be.

Why I Watch Kids’ Movies, and Why You Should, Too

Movies marketed for kids and families can actually be some of the most well-crafted, thoughtful, and life-changing works of art out there. And they deserve our genuine attention.

The Death of the Hobby

As more and more people turned to art for comfort, hustle culture sank its teeth into a new target. And we’re now seeing the ugly results: art becoming content, creativity becoming production, and the slow extinction of the simple, creative hobby.