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Harvard College Debuts Intellectual Vitality Initiative After 3 Years of Talks

After nearly three years of meeting in quiet, Harvard College’s Intellectual Vitality Initiative has finally gone public. The initiative, spearheaded by Dean Rakesh Khurana and a committee of undergraduates, faculty, and administrators, began student-facing programming early this semester and will launch “phase three” of its plan to improve the free exchange of ideas on campus in the summer.

Former Harvard Student Appeals Dismissal of Suit Alleging Wrongful Denial of Undergrad Degree

Former Harvard undergraduate Damilare Sonoiki appealed a federal judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit alleging the University wrongfully withheld his degree after three women accused him of sexual assault, according to a filing by his lawyers on Thursday.

Anonymous Posters, Vandalism Spur Tensions on Harvard’s Campus

The appearance of antisemitic and anti-Palestinian posters on Harvard’s campus and a string of poster vandalisms have caused further controversy on a campus already divided since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

More Than 30 Harvard Students Hunger Strike for 12 Hours in Solidarity With Brown Protesters

More than 30 pro-Palestinian Harvard students participated in a 12-hour hunger strike Friday in solidarity with 17 students at Brown University who refused to eat for eight days to pressure the Brown Corporation to divest from Israel.

‘That’s Fine’: Students Unsure of FAS Proposal Weighing Changes to Registration, Pass-Fail Deadline

Undergraduate students gave mixed reactions — ranging from support to frustration — to a Faculty of Arts and Sciences proposal that would make changes to course enrollment and grading timelines at the beginning of each semester.

Judge Rules for Harvard in Suit Alleging Wrongful Denial of Undergrad Degree After Sexual Assault Findings

A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a 2019 lawsuit against Harvard filed by former undergraduate student Damilare Sonoiki, who alleged that the College unfairly denied him his degree after he was accused of sexual assault by three fellow students.