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I Lost My Phone and I Liked It

At Harvard, it often feels like we are supposed to grow up as fast as possible. We spend too much of our time looking forward, never pausing for a moment to learn about the spaces we inhabit, or the people that we share those spaces with. Losing my phone allowed me to forget my ambition and, for a few hours, forced me to immerse myself in the people and the history of a city I love.

Harvard’s Dental Policies Need a Check-Up

Teaching students healthcare literacy, especially those whose financial constrictions severely limit their experience within the complex Harvard world, is essential to level the playing field and close the achievement gap between low-income and wealthy Harvard students. This includes ensuring that financial aid covers all forms of medical care — including dental care — that are necessary to fully focus on academics and reach the full potential that Harvard facilitates.

Why I Fly Spirit Airlines

Choosing Spirit has never been about flying in luxury — with reclinable seats, access to premium entertainment, and complimentary nuts — and we shouldn't judge it in those terms. Instead, it means valuing the destination more than the journey. It is about spending a few hours in an uncomfortable seat for the sake of spending time with friends and family.