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April S. Keyes

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Stop Assuming People With Disabilities Need Your Product

The language used by biotech companies to discuss disability and promote their products often imply necessity — that the consumer needs their product in order to better their life. This messaging must go.

A Need for More Light

Light isn’t going to magically cure us of the stressors of college life; it’s not going to take away our deadlines, our overflowing calendars, or our worries for the future. But prioritizing a little extra sunlight is still worth a shot.

Why I Don’t Like Big Words

How we speak says little about our intellect and much more about our past and identity. If we want to truly commit to making ourselves and this institution more inclusive, the expectation that we use fancy words must go. Sharing ideas should not scare people into silence as they worry over whether how they sound will meet our arbitrary standards of worthiness.

Where Sports Once Were

There’s a certain shame in not working out as much as you used to, not being guaranteed a worked-up sweat everyday to make you feel good about yourself. In high school, physical exhaustion was a symbol of accomplishment, and aching muscles were a source of pride. A lot of us lack that now.