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Tyler S. Young

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Hard Truths From Hashtags: Learning From the Twitter Files

As phone-addicted college students, we are subject to speech codes in every waking moment. Understanding how algorithms on social media and written rules at our own University shape what we are exposed to should be taken very seriously.

Don’t Take Harvard Too Seriously

For us here at Harvard, it’s also important to recognize that our statements are paid disproportionately more attention to. We also should recognize that just because we’re paid more attention doesn’t mean we’re more correct. Just as the public shouldn’t take us too seriously, neither should we.

Hidden Voices, Public Consequences

Regardless of whether you agree with the PSC’s statement, the revealing of student identities and the subsequent threats to their safety raise an important question for free speech: Does anonymity subvert free speech or protect it?

Wikipedia: A Model for Better Discourse on Campus

When it comes to civil discourse, Wikipedia (ironically) doesn’t have all the answers, but its approach to debate outshines much of what we often see here at Harvard. As we look for ways to foster open dialogue on campus, we should take cues from the Free Encyclopedia.