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HBS Admissions Decision Criticized

Days after the Harvard Business School (HBS) announced it would stop admitting Master of Business Administration (MBA) candidates in January,

Gilligan's Answers to Atlantic Attack Leave Critics Guessing

Carol Gilligan is Harvard's celebrated gender studies professor, Ms. Magazine's 1984 Woman of the Year and winner of the prestigious

Animal Expert Discusses Child Autism

Animal behaviorist Temple Grandin, who designed more than one-third of all livestock-handling facilities in the U.S., explained the connection between

Some Scarry Topics: From Beauty to TWA 800

Professor Elaine Scarry points to a print hanging on the wall of her office, an anatomical diagram of a human

Curricula Wars: Are We Learning The Rest of the Story?

Words and labels are important. English professors know this more than anyone. So when Harvard's Center for Literary and Cultural

Profile of Plants-Wikler

At 10:15 Wednesday night, Todd E. Plants '01 mounts the fourth floor of Holworthy Hall to begin an evening of

Library Postpones Debut of Hollis II

Library officials expected the Harvard On-line Library Information System (HOLLIS) to be replaced by a brand-new system more than four

Activists Gather at Hillel Conference

Top lobbyists, analysts and politicians urged close to 100 Boston-area college students to get involved in local politics at yesterday's

Dept. of Education Rule Change Will Consolidate Loan Requirement

Financial aid recipients at Harvard will have an easier--but not necessarily safer--time applying for loans next year. A Department of