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Living With a Harvard Decision

Maya S. Turre '00 moved into Holworthy 13 a celebrity. Four months later, she was abruptly packing up and moving

Memo to the Heir Apparent

To: Provost Harvey V. Fineberg From: Andrew K. Mandel Re: Rudy Replacement **SUPER SECRET** So, you wanna be president, eh?

Gilligan's Answers to Atlantic Attack Leave Critics Guessing

Carol Gilligan is Harvard's celebrated gender studies professor, Ms. Magazine's 1984 Woman of the Year and winner of the prestigious

Books, Tradition Untouched in Eliot's Library

One of Harvard President Charles W. Eliot's first acts in office permitted undergraduates to borrow books from the College's shelves.

Twenty-Time Tony Winner Bemoans State of Broadway

Harold Prince left this year's Tony Awards disgusted. The Broadway impresario, who has spent a half-century creating musicals such as

Welcome to My World, and Yours

Meet the teaching fellow who hated me. I know, I know--I thought it too. How could any grade-giving official hate

Endpaper: Due Apprehension in a Brave New World

I got a virtual valentine. I received data-matches. I've been date-sited. Pass the chardonnay and turn up the Marvin Gaye.

Ambition Unstoppable

The staff should not expect the administration to quell Harvard's driven student body. We should demand an official dean of

Censure Is the Answer

The staff is mistaken in not calling for a censure of President Clinton. After failing to respect his office and

Wilson Returns From Tour, Meets With Trustees

Top officials of Radcliffe College gathered in Fay House yesterday afternoon to discuss the next step of the 119-year-old institutions'

Faculty, Alums Offer New Ideas on Radcliffe

In what Radcliffe College billed as the first-annual "Celebrate Radcliffe" day, alumni, staff and a handful of undergraduate women sampled

Outreach Tour Comes to Familiar Territory

Radcliffe College President Linda S. Wilson has come a long way since Washington. Halfway done with a National Outreach Tour

getting into paradise

Maybe savoring London Broil with mushrooms au vin --overlooking stately red-brick Georgian buildings, blooming impatiens and manicured carpets of grass--is

Radcliffe Tour Shares, Learns Little in D.C.

WASHINGTON--The Hat-fields have declared a truce with the McCoys. Whatever shape Radcliffe takes once its "strategic planning process" is complete,

Minority Student Alliance Meeting Draws Only a Handful

Carla A. Blackmar '00 attended the year's first Minority Student Alliance (MSA) meeting last night. She was practically the only