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Fifteen Minutes: And the Show Goes On...

The clenched fist flew into Nick H. Weil '00 and instantly, the audience knew this was no ordinary Harvard show.

Fifteen Minutes: Make No Mistake

Most eager-beaver first-years, no matter how high their high school G.P.A., their number of varsity letters, their impressive executive club

Fifteen Minutes: Behold! Alewife Stairs

Once upon a time, students who wished to catch a cinematic screening at the Loews Fresh Pond Theaters faced a

Fifteen Minutes: Mem Hall Makeover

Cost: Four million Katherine B. Loker dollars. Height: 140 feet Start: June, right after commencement Finish: December Materials: Steel frame,


THERE COMES A TIME IN EVERY SENIOR'S LIFE when he must rise and face three questions: What is your height?

Those Stinky, Nasty Feet

Throughout the winter, the self-conscious masses can mask their smelly feet problems with boots, leather armor and thick socks. But

Collector's Item

Now that Radcliffe has thrown in the towel and ceded its land to Harvard, the admissions brochure, our diplomas and

To Frame or Not to Frame?

Beaming mothers sifted through their children's acceptance packets on April 1, and for the first time in over a decade,

Booty Call

In the grand tradition of the Electric Slide and the Macarena comes the newest fad line dance: the Booty Call.

Outdoor Pleasures Online

Crocuses are blooming, robins are flittering about and scantily clad freshmen are sprawled upon blankets in the Yard. Ahhh yes,

Blue Book Birthplace

Gilroy, Calif., is the garlic center of the globe. Waterbury, Conn., boasts that it is the Brass Capital of the

Perchance to Dream

Lounging around on sandy beaches in bikinis or clocking quality pajama time on their home turf, spring breakers unknowingly celebrated