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Harvard Teaches Conformity

"It is a spirit in opposition, rather than in accommodation, that grips me because the romance, the interest, the challenge

Truth to Power

I don't mean to sound macabre/But, hey, isn't it my job/ To lay it on the masses/ And get them


The Ugly Side of Sports

Some of the most influential events in America's troubled history of racial and ethnic conflict have occurred in the arena


Who Shot Ya?

The death of rapper Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. the Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls, is not only chilling and tragic, but


Tale of a Thesis Writer

Writing a thesis radically transforms your senior year experience. A thesis will consume your entire life, especially in the last


Reaffirming Racism

R ecently, the Texaco corporation settled a high-profile racial discrimination lawsuit for a staggering $176 million. Accounts of discrimination and


A Lott of Racism

Last Sunday's New York Times Magazine featured a cover story on Trent Lott, the Republican Senate majority leader from Mississippi,

Voters Uninformed

The staff attributes far too much insight to Harvard students, who have clearly demonstrated their apathy in regard to many

Tony Toni Tone Brings Back Unprocessed Spirit of Soul

Tony Toni Tone's latest album, House of Music, will once again generate numerous comparisons between the style and sound of


Did Dole Win the Election?

Although Bill Clinton was handily reelected President, in some strange and perverse way it seems as if Bob Dole has


The Cold War is supposed to be over. The Soviet Union has disintegrated from a monolithic superpower into a collection


Job Hunting Hell

The fall job recruiting season at Harvard has begun, and it is already bringing out some of the worst aspects

Staff's Sour Grapes

The staff's position is uninformed as well as ludicrous. The staff is wholly ignorant of the nature of the clubs.


With all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth heard all across the campus recently, you'd think that Harvard students


Scrape Off That Barnicle

I have a serious confession to make. I am an "arrogant nitwit." Furthermore, I behave like a "blockhead." Or at