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BJ's Bring a Full House to Sanders

At the sold-out BJ Show in Sanders Theater last night, a guitar was smashed on the stage, two Blue Man

IOP Panel Assesses Bush's First 100 Days

A panel of political advisers and scholars gathered last night in the ARCO Forum at the Kennedy School of Government

Record-Setting Place-Kicker Studies at K-School

The Kennedy School of Government (KSG) frequently hosts eminent government officials and political luminaries; it's even welcomed a prince or

Glenn Faults Secondary Schools

Former Senator and astronaut John H. Glenn told a packed ARCO forum last night that the American secondary school system

Election Profile: Matthew P. Zanotelli & John F. Bash

Matthew P. Zanotelli '02 has already won two elections at Harvard. Last year his Housemates voted him "the friendliest guy

Breyer: Courts Must Adjust to DNA Era

The court system must prepare itself for judicial decisions involving developments in genetics, Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer said

Attorney General Speaks On Impact of DNA Evidence

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno said that the justice system must adapt to the potential benefits and dangers of DNA

Scholars Debate Role of Genetic Research in Criminal Law

The National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence yesterday kicked off an historic conference exploring federal policy on DNA

Panelists Consider Controversy Over Religion, Public Life

From recent Supreme Court rulings on school prayer to a presidential campaign where God is the third running mate, the

Mondale Press Secretary Dins With Dems

A small group of Harvard College Democrats exchanged election season worries with Maxine Isaacs, former press secretary and deputy campaign

Ig Nobels Honor Odd Innovations

More than 1,200 paper-airplane throwing spectators gathered in Sanders Theatre last night to watch three Nobel prize laureates award the