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Harvard Shut Out of U.S. Rhodes Awards

For the first time since 1930, no Harvard students have been named American scholars in the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship program.

Election Profile: B.J. Averell & Amias Gerety

B.J. Averell '02 and Amias Moore Gerety '02 might not be the most experienced candidates for Undergraduate Council--but they're the

NYU Graduate Students Form First TA Union

Graduate students at New York University (NYU) have formed the first teaching assistants' union at a private institution after a

Farm Workers End Grape Embargo

Three years after Harvard brought grapes back to its dining halls, the United Farm Workers union (UFW) called off its

Despite Chair's Death, Harvard to Keep FLA

In spite of the recent death of Fair Labor Association (FLA) chair Charles A. Ruff and in the face of

Council To Kick Off 'Days of Dialogue' After Thanksgiving

Though scaled back and postponed since October, the Undergraduate Council will at last hold a three-day "Days of Dialogue" event

Scholars Debate Role of Genetic Research in Criminal Law

The National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence yesterday kicked off an historic conference exploring federal policy on DNA

Dining Services Adds Soup to Fly-By

Harvard students on the go, look out: there's soup in your Fly-By. Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS), in response to

College Costs Outpace Inflation

The average four-year private college raised its tuition an average of 5.2 percent last year, close to double the increase