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Preaching Politics

You learn a lot from the Bible. There are, first, the moral teachings: Love your neighbor, obey the Ten Commandments

ROTC Redux

Despite the intractability of Harvard’s anti-military vendetta, those who look eagerly to the day when the Reserve Officers Training Corps

In Defense of Unilateralism

In our times, “unilateralist” has become a dirty word, an insult on par with “belligerent aggressor” and a refrain of

Tom's Tax Tall Tale

Once again, evil Republicans want to destroy Social Security with reckless tax cuts. Or so Tom Daschle wants you to

Shades of Offense

Race is Harvard’s topic du jour. Cornel West’s defection to Princeton, Charles Ogletree’s crusade to win reparations for slavery, and

An Ultimatum for Arafat

Colin Powell will soon meet with Yasir Arafat, who holds the singular distinction of being the only sponsor of terrorism

Picking on Pickering

Tom Daschle should meet my parents. Like most members of their species, my parents have a language entirely their own,

The PSLM Transcript

Recent wage negotiations between Harvard University and janitors of the Service Employees International Union Local 254 (SEIU) were closed to

Shutting Down the Axis

If I were Saddam Hussein, I wouldn’t be sleeping well at night. President George W. Bush seems determined to make