William L. Adams

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Bah, Humbug!

Last weekend I promised myself that I would be productive. With my thesis due in less than two weeks, I

Twenty-three is the Ugliest Number

Twenty-three years ago, dated from Nov. 6, my mother was injected with prostaglandin hormones to induce pregnancy. Apparently I was

The People in My Section

Once upon a time I actually attended all of my sections. I arrived on time, took copious notes and attempted

High-Tech Social Screening

Three Fridays ago I marched toward Sever Hall with the simple goal of registering for class. With my number two

The Stages of Mo(u)rning

Dear Mr. or Ms. Bright Eyed Freshman: You must be so excited. You’ve only been at Harvard for a few

O Busta, Where Art Thou?

In the 1998 film, “The Rugrats Movie,” rapper Busta Rhymes provides the voice of Reptar Wagon, a ferocious yet lovable

When Success Encounters Failure

Attention Cambridge: the egos have landed. Last week, admissions letters separated prospective Harvard students into two neat piles: accepted and

Not a Friendster of Mine

Since its launch in March, the popular social-networking service Friendster.com has grown to include 1.7 million members. Friendsters are the