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Sampling the Celebrity Life

I read Page Six religiously. Every night, usually around 2 a.m.—or later if I’m out doing “research”—I unfailingly navigate my

The History of Alternative Senior Gifts

Senior Gift Plus may have a catchy name, but it’s not the first campaign to contend with Senior Gift. In

Police Chase Down Alleged Masturbator

After a chase through Harvard Square, Cambridge Police Department (CPD) officers arrested a man at around 7 p.m. yesterday for

See and Be Seen

Now that tanned bodies litter patches of green grass from Harvard Yard to the Charles, people-watching has emerged as more

A $400 Kiss

He made more money playing Zack Morris on “Saved by the Bell,” but in an impromptu appearance at the Quincy

Gadfly: The Week in Buzz

SCOOP DOGG FIZZLES, FO’RIZZLE! Harvard, ever the cultural arbiter, rejected plans to bring Snoop Dogg to campus last week, citing

The Identity Threat

What is your identity? While this question is not designed to be invasive, for many, the question of identity is

A Jaded Perspective

Last year, in an Executive Board meeting of the Harvard Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Supporters Alliance (BGLTSA), heated discussion


The new face of FM gossip: stinging rumor, swollen innuendo. HEMOGLOBIN’! As if attending school here weren’t reason enough, administrators

Have Sex in the Stacks: Put Your Widener in My Pusey

What to wear Women: Miniskirt. Lose the stilettos. Men: Sweatpants (no DHAs; athletes in the library send up a red

Zeta-Jones, Robbins Tapped for Pudding Pots

While their significant others already have Pudding Pots for their mantles, Tim Robbins and Catherine Zeta-Jones will now have their

Top Kerry Aide Headlines Spring IOP Fellow Class

Mary Beth Cahill, the campaign manager for the Kerry-Edwards campaign, may have lost her job when President George W. Bush

Chiffon and Cowboy Boots

I stopped at the wrong metro station with a vintage Brioni blazer, but no umbrella and no idea which of

In Paris, Students Follow U.S. Election

PARIS, France—For only the second time in the 80 years since its inception, the straw vote at Harry’s New York

French Toasted

Bottles of Cristal, faux heirs, and spending the night in jail are things made for rap videos. Sipping rose martinis