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Rudeness Runs Amok

T he expression "The customer is always right" is a commonly heard one, but it is even more commonly misunderstood.


The time of year at Harvard that brings out the greatest amount of intellectual effort from students is exam period.

For Debate's Sake

Not too long ago, I received a one-line e-mail message from a Crimson reader containing a single question: "Do you

Students Should Shut Up

Let's conduct a thought experiment. What would life at Harvard be like if students were in control? Things would be

Imposing Morality Is Fun

Last week, Ireland voted to end its ban on divorce by a painfully narrow margin. This disappointing development may indicate

Radcliffe Still Sexist

I am glad to see that Radcliffe is finally giving up the pretense of being a real college. I also

The End Is Near

Pre-meds fly off to different corners of the country for medical school interviews, giving their roommates a brief respite from

Stay In That Closet

For years we have been told by members of the gay community about the discrimination that they face in a

All Is Fair In Poster Wars

After a long slumber, it appears that the Harvard campus is waking up from its apathy. The Yard is alive