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Crimson Defeats Cornell Nine, 8-6; Johnson Pitches

After an explosive opening, the varsity baseball team settled down to outscore the Cornell nine 8 to 6 Saturday at

Modern University Professor: Does He Fiddle as Rome Burns?

Since the Russians sallied past the stratosphere, and the American education lobbies learned that they could equate their own legitimate

How to Marry a Millionaire

From its presentation of the best in European culture last week in Razzia, the Brattle has now turned its cinemascopic

Drifting Quickly Toward World War III

The Causes of World War III may not be the most important book of the century, but that is not

The Disenchanted

The myth of the hedonistic Twenties and the ensuing tragedy of the Thirties is an enduring one in American life.

Democrats Sweep Majority of Races; Furcolo, Rockefeller, Brown Elected

In the greatest Congressional victory since Roosevelt's 1936 triumph, the Democrats effectively broke the power of the Republican party in

The Confessions of Felix Krull

The latest in the Brattle's series of Bogart thrillers (Bogie plays the unseen, unheard Father-Confessor) is a somewhat low-budget cinema

Mandarin Montage

Probably ninety per cent of the American populace think the only Chinese food is the Cantonese. Happily this is not

Two Dispassionate Looks At the Latter-day Saints

Much has been written about the Mormons since Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in