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Three Men And a Bard, Well-Cut

Speed is the principle pleasure of The Compleat Works of Wllm. Shkspre. (Abridged), showing through August 8 at the Hasty

Mostly Nontraditional Jazz Under Foot

Perhaps the best thing about last weekend's joint Mainly Jazz, and Harvard-Radcliffe Bullet Company performance was that it consisted of

All Talk: Eleven Women to Know

The script of Talking With looks spare. It is a series of 11 monologues narrated by 11 women--eleven vibrant and


CRIMES OF THE HEART Directed by Nick R. Parrillo Produced by John B. Cearley and Ali Ruth Davis At the

barefoot in the park with BSO

Last Sunday's spectacular Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) concert on the Boston Common surprised no one. This free performance of Beethoven's

Victorian 'Antony and Cleopatra' Solves Original Play's Problems

Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra has frequently been called a "problem play." The characters do not fit into familiar Shakespearean molds,

'Your Own Thing' Tries Revamping 'Twelfth Night,' Result Is Mixed

If Shakespeare had seen last weekend's production of Your Own Thing at the Loeb Ex, he might have recognized it

Beth Stewart Better Choice

The staff's endorsement conveys its confusion both as to the facts of this election and the role of the Undergraduate

A Poignant and Powerful Plays

AIDS, in its worldwide rampage, has infected over 27.9 people and killed 9.2 million. In its latest frightful exploit, AIDS

Brilliant, Aggressive Chang Performance Hindered by Uniform Approach

The classical music world is no stranger to child prodigies. The best musicians, it seems, always have mind-numbingly early starts:

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Childhood of a '50s Dodgers Fan

Americans were innocent, in the '50s, we are often told. In the '50s, nice women like Donna Reed waited for

Taking the Cynicism out of Symphony

If ease, as author Annie Dillard once wrote, is the way of perfection, violinist Gil Shaham may be the classical

Perfectly Killing 'Assassins'

If you want to cheer yourself up, killing the President of the United States is probably the last thing you'd

Hats Off to Brahms: A Musical Tribute

While Brahms' famous lullaby may be his most cliched piece, it is not representative of the passion and intensity that

A Game of 'Chess': AAA Players Update Cold War Musical

"Stories like ours have happy endings," insist the characters from Chess, and while this musical is certainly not a happy