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The Case Against Negotiation

Those who urge the president to negotiate with the “encampers” seek instead to circumvent all of these institutions, effectively replacing them with a wholly unaccountable and unrepresentative ad hoc committee composed of individuals invited to the “meaningful dialogue.” The consequence would be to disenfranchise the vast majority of our community who would be excluded from these negotiations.

Malevolent Benevolence

I n the third book of his Confessions, Augustine offers a penetrating observation on the nature of compassion. He writes,

Beth Stewart Better Choice

The staff's endorsement conveys its confusion both as to the facts of this election and the role of the Undergraduate

Why to Vote Stewart-Cohen

D r. Henry Jones (a k a Sean Connery) had a point in "Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade" when he

Taking Nostradamus at His Word

C arl Reiner just couldn't believe that Mel Brooks was 2000 years old. In the pair's famous 1960s comedy routine,

All Hallows' Today

O n Friday night, we marked a holiday that almost always manages to pass without comment. Every kid loves Halloween,

The New Line

New Yorkers have never been more bored with politics. Love him or hate him (and indeed, most New Yorkers revel

Diverse Problems

A ristotle urges us to remember that "one swallow does not make a summer," and this is surely sage advice.

Moses and the NRA

Moses has been elected vice-president of the National Riffle Association (NRA), and his career move has significantly disrupted my peace