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Kilson and Guinier Debate The Role of Black Studies

In their first face-to-face debate since the establishment of the Afro-American Studies Department, Martin L. Kilson, professor of Government, and

CORE Staffer Blames Whites For Law Debate Cancellation

A spokesman for the Committee on Racial Equality (CORE) charged yesterday that "left wing white students" had made the threats

Nwafor Says Afro Studies Collapsing

An assistant professor of the Afro-American Studies Department said yesterday that his department is in a state of "utter disarray

The New South and The Old Politics

T HE PASSAGE of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 caused an historic change in the civil rights movement. With

Frankie 'the Rabbit' Torres Was Mad at Badillo's Defeat

NEW YORK--Frankie "the Rabbit" Torres was screaming mad last Tuesday night following Herman Badillo's 3-2 loss to Abraham Became in

No Protest Greets Restructuring of Afro

The founding of the Afro-American Studies Department in 1969 took place in the highly-charged political atmosphere which gripped the campus

Which Way the Grand Concourse

T HE LARGEST SINGLE BLOC of voters in New York City's June 4 mayoral primary are likely to be unyoung,

Kilson Vs. The Bulletin

May has been a difficult month for John Bethell, the editor of the Harvard Bulletin. With his May issue already

Scholar Discusses Jobs For Women

A visiting research scholar at the Radcliffe Institute said yesterday that volunteer work plays an important role in helping women