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By Douglas E. Schoen

A spokesman for the Committee on Racial Equality (CORE) charged yesterday that "left wing white students" had made the threats of disruption which led to the cancellation of the Harvard Law Forum debate between William Shockley, professor of Engineering Sciences at Stanford and CORE National Director Roy Innis.

Cyril Boynes, director of cultural affairs for CORE, said yesterday that he had done a survey of black students over the weekend and found that the vast majority knew little about the debate. He said that if black students had received information about the nature of the debate they would have supported it.

He conceded that "some black law students were duped into supporting the white leftists" and added that these students had made a basic political mistake by letting whites speak for them.

Boynes identified members of SDS and the New American Movement as being responsible for the cancellation.

The CORE spokesman said that he hopes that the debate between Innis and Shockley on the subject of black genetic inferiority will be rescheduled here.

"We will offer our help in preserving freedom of speech," Boynes said. "We are prepared to spank some left-wing students if that's necessary to preserve intellectual freedom which is part of the American way of life."

Boynes said that he believed Innis would be a far more effective opponent for Shockley than Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, associate dean of the Medical School, who recently agreed to debate Shockley in New York.

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