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To the Editor: In Support of the BDS Editorial

I was president of The Crimson in 1973, nearly 50 years ago. I agree entirely with your superb editorial endorsing the nonviolent Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) campaign, designed to promote justice in Israel/Palestine.

Elizabeth Butterfield (1913 - 1978)

S OME YEARS AGO, a Harvard undergraduate forgot to turn in his study card on time. Sometime in late March,


1.) The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 2.) On December 23, 1950, when the U.S. signed the Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement

Santiago Diary

H OW CAN I EXPLAIN the horror of Chile? Chile today is an old woman picking through the garbage in

A Parting Shot

A NTI-PERSONNEL bombs were manufactured in the small towns that dot the rolling dairy country of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Teen-age

They Left Their Plows Behind Them

O NE YEAR AGO tomorrow American B-52 bombers lumbered out of their hangars at air bases in Thailand, rolled down

New Times: Journalists in Bars

A HYPOTHETICAL situation: a pivotal Midwestern district in the United Steelworkers Union is holding an election for the district presidency.

News From a Socialist America

I MAGINE that a socialist government has just come to power in the United States. Although people are still celebrating

Who Will Be the Philosophers?

A GROUP of U.S. antiwar activists visiting North Vietnam earlier this year were asked by their hosts about the strange

Lesley Evades Everything

T HE CENTRAL character in Mark Kelman's first novel is a thoroughly disgusting person, a haughty 21-year-old woman who serenly