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How to Succeed in Local Politics

Name: Anjan Mukherjee Where he lives: Mather House Hometown: Lexington, MA Does he spend much time there? "Sophomore year, kind

Shooting To the Right

Even without his guns, Brad Campbell is disarming. The Eliot House senior slides into a booth in the Wursthaus restaurant

Parents' Optimism Is Today's Apathy

The day my parents graduated from Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges in 1967, they walked over to the First Congregational Church


Hoyte Has a Plan

Anyone with a strong opinion about affirmative action could have learned something from a sparsely-attended but thoughtful talk given last


Not Too Late For Grant

Harvard's campus is about to become significantly less safe. That, at least, is what the University's police officers and security


Admit Gina Grant

If ever there was a case for affirmative action, it was Gina Grant's. By now, the story is familiar to

California Dreaming

L OS ANGELES--Like rush hour traffic on the southbound Santa Ana Freeway on those days when Al Cowlings and O.J.


Benefits Crisis Unsolved

Drop the qualifiers. The University's benefits review process has now been all but officially labelled a failure. Harvard administrators have

Historians Decry Harvard's '50 Year Rule'

In the spring of 1954, a Harvard graduate student named Sigmund Diamond received a visit from agents of the Federal

Race Is on for Job of New Top Cop

Applications for the job aren't due for another month, but there is already serious speculation inside and outside the Harvard

Panels Highlight Human Rights

Approximately 200 students, faculty and interested visitors attended various parts of the first ever University-wide conference on human rights Saturday.

A Bad Loin Of Porc

In the bowels of Pusey Library sits a book so secret that it doesn't show up on HOLLIS. In fact,

Questions Raised About Guard's Suspension

A Harvard security guard who championed discrimination claims made by his colleagues has been suspended without pay for 10 days

Medical Conflicts of Interest

BOSTON--One hundred yards from the Medical School, the University is transforming the 10-story carcass of the old Boston English High

Coitus Interruptus

W ith Mother Nature hinting at an early spring, undergraduates are looking forward to a warm Valentine's day full of