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Cross-Dressing With Boris

THEATER A Tsar Is Born by Mark Baskin and Jason Cooper directed by Tony Stimac at the Hasty Pudding Theater

All Choked Up

I'll admit, my initial reaction to the news that "a teary-eyed" David L. Hanselman '94-'95 had announced his intention not

Break It Up, Kiddies

It seems you can't even leave the kids alone for five minutes. It's been, what, three weeks since President Neil

Dudley's NC-17 Art Show

Cameron Wolf says his artwork is designed as "an exploration about...how the AIDS crisis has changed the way we see

Dressed for Success

Monday is Halloween and, as usual, I'm a little nervous. When I was a little kid, getting dressed up to

Scandal Before Service

Small wonder nobody wants to serve on Harvard's student government. If these guys constitute our nation's next generation of political

The Fly Must Be Squashed

* Robert Carlock's explanation of the Fly vote is hollow at best Across Harvard's campus today, undergraduate women should be

Speech With Costs

. A blind obedience to free speech is not productive. This week, the government of Canada did what the United

Remembering Nixon's Vision

The staff's cruel indictment of Richard Milhous Nixon on his funeral day gives short shrift to the lasting accomplishments and