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Quick, Henry

H OW EASILY the war is forgotten. Forgotten are the thousands of Vietnamese who suffered as the direct result of

$20,000 Arts Gift to Eliot Sparks Masters' Dispute

A recent $20,000 alumni donation to Eliot House has touched off a dispute among House masters concerning the policy of

Elliot Richardson to Give Godkin Lecture Next Fall

Former Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson '41 will deliver the Godkin lectures next fall at the Kennedy School of Government.

Local Police Nab Suspect In Coin Heist

A Lynn man charged with armed robbery in connection with the $5 million coin theft at the Fogg Art Museum

Coin Heist: A Drama In Three Acts

The theft The scene bore a strong resemblance to an old Peter Sellers movie. A lone guard answers a knock

Individual Offers A $10,000 Reward In Art Theft Case

A person who asked to remain anonymous has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction

Cambridge Police Reveal Descriptions Of 2 Suspects in $500,000 Art Thefts

Cambridge police and federal investigators are searching for two white males in their twenties in connection with the theft of

Insurance Firm To Offer Reward For Pollock Works

A substantial reward will be offered in return for information leading to the recovery of the three Jackson Pollock paintings

Woman Saw 2 Men Putting Stolen Art Into Waiting Car

Federal agents joined Cambridge detectives yesterday in the search for three missing Jackson Pollock paintings stolen Thursday afternoon from the

Valuable Paintings Heisted

"Oh, that's grim. Yes, that's very grim." That was the reaction of a New York art expert yesterday when he

Hall And Ma Bell Goof

It was a week of blunders. Stephen S. J. Hall, vice president for administration, thought it might be nice to

Agnew Resigns as Vice President; Pleads 'No Contest' to Tax Evasion

The vice president of the United States has resigned and a new item--perhaps the climactic one--has been added to that

Harvard Is Dropping Realtor; B&G to Handle Maintenance

Harvard is dropping its long-standing property management arrangement wwth Hunneman and Co., Inc., a Boston-based real estate group, and transferring

Conflict of Interest Likely In Sale of Bargain Houses

A list of the 25 houses and their tenants is printed in the box at the left. Several faculty members

Athletic Department Will Offer $1 Tickets

While the Crimson eleven toils on the gridiron, the Athletic Department will be toiling behind the ticket office bars trying