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Little Fish in a Big Pond

High school principals, as a rule, seem fond of imparting to their college-bound seniors the wisdom that although they are

A 'Disenchanted' Leontief To Leave Harvard for NYU

Nobel laureate Wassily W. Leontief, Lee Professor of Economics, will leave Harvard at the end of the academic year to

In Mass Hall, A Problem Of Image

Ever since President Bok took office in 1971, he has been plagued by faculty members who disliked his style. Some

The New Bureaucracy for Access to Files Brings On More Paperwork Than Revelations

Soon after November 19, students for the first time will be able to probe the innards of their heretofore confidential

Peabody Museum Reports Theft of Indian Objects

A collection of carved bone ivory charms and drinking tubes was reported missing from the Peabody Museum last week. The

Students Favor 1:1 Ratio, Sex-Blind Admissions

This is the first in a series of Crimson surveys of undergraduate opinions. Additional charts and a description of how

Crimson Oarsmen Take Nationals; 'Cliffe Falls

For years, the Eastern crew powers have capped their season with the Eastern Sprints and the Western crew powers have

Wiesner, Ellison, Sills Win Honoraries

Harvard today awarded honorary doctorates to two women and five men, including MIT President Jerome B. Wiesner, novelist Ralph Ellison,

Times Editor Says She Favors Refocusing Affirmative Action

Charlotte Curtis, associate editor of The New York Times, said last night that affirmative action should not be directed specifically