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Who Survives the 'New Mood' Crunch?

I met Bill freshman year. He was a local boy, born and raised in the Boston area, and an outstanding

Did Sanitas Bribe Veritas?

So far there is no evidence that someone at Harvard took or was offered a $4000 bribe in return for

Ski Areas in New England

The 1975-76 ski season in New England has gotten off to a very slow start; record high temperatures during the

What a New Gene Can Mean

For the non-scientist, the announcement Thursday that a team of Harvard biochemists have artifically reproduced a mammalian gene for the

A Growing Sense of Optimism

Last year at this time, Harvard financial experts were running scared about the long-term effects that prolonged inflation, a depressed

Princeton Turns to Industry

Princeton University, some might say, has come up with a better idea. This week, Princeton began a series of eight

New Publication for Alumni Styled After Corporate Report

The University is preparing a new publication intended to give Harvard alumni a comprehensive picture of the major issues in

Corporation Trims For Harvard Fellow List of Candidates

The new member of the Harvard Corporation to replace retiring Fellow Albert L. Nickerson '33 will probably be nominated at

Sizing Up Steve Hall

The story of Stephen S.J. Hall's palm reader is already a legend. It will be told and retold at least

Shareholder Responsibility: Harvard Is Halfway There

Since the days in 1970 when Campaign GM was one of the hottest issues among students, Harvard has taken a

The Portfolio Rides Out Depression

The "new economic indicators" headlined two weeks ago in The New York Times supposedly snow that the upturn is imminent,

Harvard Overseers Elect Woman Head

Helen H. Gilbert '36 yesterday became the first woman ever elected president of the Harvard Board of Overseers. Gilbert will

Strauch Backs Equal Access

It's official, Harvard and Radcliffe will merge their admissions offices and institute an equal access admissions policy in time to

Arthurs May Become Dean in U Hall; Jewett to Be Dean of II-R Admissions

Alberta Arthurs. Radcliffe dean of admissions, financial aid and women's education, will probably assume a new deanship in University Hall

Asking For the Impossible

"We know we're asking for the impossible." John L. Moore '51, president of the Associated Harvard Alumni, said after last