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Dead Solid Tragic

Outlined against a grey-grey April sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as Famine, Pestilence,


Can you guess which of these sequences were rearranges to make sense? Can you imagine how chaotic things get when

Carter Departs Massachusetts After Salem Monopoly Stop

Still grinning despite a barrage of recent ad hominem attacks, Jimmy Carter wasted little time campaigning in Massachusetts. Carter press

How the World Ended

"For it was like the death of a favorite grandmother. A season whose life was beautiful and full and gave

The Power of Love: A Nashville Lightning Storm

N ICK HAD just landed a clerkship at a brand new prefab luxuriana by the sea. I met him as

From Sea To Shining Sea

S OMETIME AROUND the 26th of April, a selected number of automotive sports-men/madmen will take off from a New York

The Lobsters' Game

Dizzy Dean once scoffed at golfers because they demanded absolute quiet while shooting. Then someone tested him and he duck

A Midnight Rider and the Flyin' Florida Omelet

W HEN WE got back to the trailer, Patty said baby Sarah needed some milk and eggs and could we

In Spudnick's

L ATE IN SEPTEMBER in north central Florida, sheets of rain flayed the earth unremittingly and after a few days

Ben Steele Storms National Qualifier, Sparkles in Slalom

Harvard ski captain Ben Steele placed second in the eastern regional slalom at Killington Monday and thus qualified to race

CANNABIS ROAD: The Freakoid Cracker

Redhead (n)--A combination of the terms 'redneck' and 'head'. A country or farmboy who smokes dope, maybe grows it, and

Florida, My Florida

F LORIDA HAS BEEN the scene of many a treasure hunt and most of these quests demanded payment in blood


B Y 2 A.M. SATURDAY, ten hours before the scheduled start of the concert, anyone that arrived was already late.

Danny D. Porter

D ANNY PORTER once worked for The Crimson and now, just over a year from his graduation from Harvard, he

Hottest Property in Women's Tennis

When Margaret Court finishes each match in this week's stop on the Virginia Slims women's professional tennis tour at the