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The Women's Center

For eight days in early March, a Harvard-owned building-the Architectural Technology Workshop at 888 Memorial Drive-was held by about 100

Beautiful Soup is Hardly a Minor Concept

( Reprinted from the CRIMSON of March 23, 1971. ) My empty room is emptier than yours, said the masked

Faculty Readily Approves All Proposals on Women

The Faculty yesterday approved - with very little opposition - all four recommendations of the Committee on the Status of

Proposals on Women-'A Lot of Unease'

Despite rumors of Faculty opposition to the Bynum-Walzer proposal-four recommendations of the Committee on the Status of Women slated for

Andy's Gang If You Loved Trash...

...YOU'LL probably like Flesh. It's a supermarketful of genitalia, mostly male, which makes it a peculiar supermarket indeed. Who can

Beautiful Soup Is Hardly a Minor Concept Or, Introductions to Radcliffe Are Best Taken With a Grain of Salt

My empty room is emptier than yours, said the masked man as he rode off into the night. And you

Chanting Women Vacate Building To Avoid Rumored Bust by Police

About 65 singing, chanting women left 888 Memorial Drive-the Harvard-owned architectural building held as a women's center for over a

Steinem Hits 'Sexist' Law School

"The humanization of Harvard Law School is inevitable," Gloria Steinem told a group of Law School students, faculty and alumni

Admissions Study Denies Masculine Bias

According to a recent Office of Tests study. Harvard's admissions policy-except for the fact that Harvard accepts almost four times

HEW Says Harvard Hiring May Be Unfair to Women

The Department of Health, Education and Welfare-in a 16-page "letter of finding" received by Harvard within the past two weeks-has

Pusey's Last Annual Report to Overseers Says Time 'Propitious' for New President

President Nathan M. Pusey, in his 18th and final Annual Report, told the Board of Overseers, "The advances made [during

Nostalgia If It's Cold and Snowy and Miserable Out There, It Must Be Reading Period

IN CONCLUSION: this is the very last winter reading period of my life. Wherever I may be next January, it

Mrs. Bok Meets Women Writers, Says She 'Never Had Any Doubts'

When Sisscla Bok-wife of Harvard's President-elect and a Ph. D. in philosophy-met the press yesterday morning, the press wanted to

Talking to the Man 10,000 Male Chauvinists of Harvard

1) "Who ever saw a more stirring exhibition of sheer manliness and skill on the part of young people than

How to Make a Woman at the Harvard Epworth Church every Fri. and Sat.

FLASHBACK (a true story about choice): Once upon a time, when I was six years old, there were two little