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Price War at Coop

If war is hell, then price wars must be somewhere on the far side of purgatory. In any case, a

The Dull and the Zippy David Holzman's Diary at Lowell Dining Hall, 8 p.m. Saturday and Dunster Dining Hall, 8 p.m. Sunday

A MURDER has been committed in a Borges story, and the Commissioner has proposed an explanation for it. "It's possible,

The Raw and the Cooked Mastering Julia Child's Art

New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1970. A Borzoi Book. $12.50. THE LAST bits of the poulet, pain, and pommes de

Hey, What Rhymes With Heimert?

THE DAYS grow short, the snow gets deep, We wade through piles before we sleep: Piles of Wordsworth, piles of

Blasphemy The Greatest Musical Ever Sung at Dunster House November 19-21

I DON'T LAUGH very much these days. In fact, there've been only two things that made me cackle in recent

Nostalgia No, No, Nanette at the Shubert Theatre

"A GIRL waits and waits, and if she's lucky, along comes Mr. Right. And Mr. Bergdorf." "Lucille, you kidder, you."

Mather Slouching Toward Alphaville

"THERE IS only one art that moves me: architecture." T.E. Hulme said it, and the sentiment points toward an important

The New York Film Festival Twelve Nights in a Dark Room: You Can't Always Get What You Want

THE difference between a saint and an artist, they say, is that an artist knows he's a liar. Making sense

Wallace Stevens: Poetry as Life

HE WROTE poems celebrating the marriage of flesh and air. He loved the sensuousness of mere being, loved the texture