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A Parting Shot: The Moral Sense at Harvard

I was, when I was younger, a Boy Scout. The program appealed to me because it involved chopping down trees,

Justice Dept., MIT Settle Antitrust Suit

The Justice Department and MIT have settled an antitrust suit charging the institute with joining the eight Ivy League universities

Revel in Violence

The staff takes Harvard to task for being excessively concerned about its image. I disagree. Harvard ought to be concerned

New Book on Conant Questions His Stand On Academic Freedom

A new biography of James Bryant Conant '13 suggests the Harvard president at times caved in to anti-Communist hysteria after

Risky Business

P resident Neil L. Rudenstine released his plan for Harvard's future in October, and it landed with a thud. The

The Fall (and Foliage) of Cambridge

I t's autumn. That may seem obvious, but it's less evident than you might think. In fact, the average Harvard

Serve Yourself

H ooray for self-service! Harvard Dining Service's new self-service pilot program, where students take their own portions of the food

Twentysomething, Shmentysomething

The Twentysomething American Dream by Micheal Lee Cohen Dutton Books, 307pp., $20.00 As it comes of age, the generation of

Issues Aplenty Keep Hopefuls Talking

Rent control. Jobs. Development. City services. Crime. Schools. In this year's city council elections, there's no overriding issue, but there