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The Fellows Beef Up Their Party By Doling Out the Honoraries

H ARVARD likes its Commencement to be a good show, and for a good show, you need big-name stars. Hence

Master Gill Favors Suspension, Says Orderly Channels Ignored

More than 20 Faculty members sent a letter to the Administrative Board earlier this week, requesting lenient treatment of the

New Category Of Discipline Is Not Likely

Some members of the Faculty are suggesting the need for a new category of punishment to be applied to the

21 Grad Students Release Joint Stand on Punishment

Twenty-one graduate students who turned in their bursar's cards at the Paine Hall demonstration have written a letter to J.

J. D. Watson and the Process of Science

B EGINNING WITH Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Newton and his famous apple, there has been more

Harvard Eleven Meets Upset-Minded Brown

After four straight games against highly-rated teams, Harvard's varsity football squad gets a breather when it takes on an impotent

The World of Dow

"F RANKLY," said H.D. "Ted" Doan, president of the Dow Chemical Company, "we're trying to make a buck." Doan, a

The Lampoon's 'Life'

S O WHAT HAS the Lampoon done? It has published a periodical which includes a couple of decent jokes, a

Ben Morea

SOCIETY was too much for Ben Morea, so he ran away from home in New York when he was 17.