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Admissions: 'Personal' Rating Is Crucial

In the 600-page computer compilation of the applicants to a Harvard College class, there are a dozen numbers listed under

The Fellows Beef Up Their Party By Doling Out the Honoraries

H ARVARD likes its Commencement to be a good show, and for a good show, you need big-name stars. Hence

Master Gill Favors Suspension, Says Orderly Channels Ignored

More than 20 Faculty members sent a letter to the Administrative Board earlier this week, requesting lenient treatment of the

New Category Of Discipline Is Not Likely

Some members of the Faculty are suggesting the need for a new category of punishment to be applied to the

21 Grad Students Release Joint Stand on Punishment

Twenty-one graduate students who turned in their bursar's cards at the Paine Hall demonstration have written a letter to J.

J. D. Watson and the Process of Science

B EGINNING WITH Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Newton and his famous apple, there has been more

Harvard Eleven Meets Upset-Minded Brown

After four straight games against highly-rated teams, Harvard's varsity football squad gets a breather when it takes on an impotent

The World of Dow

"F RANKLY," said H.D. "Ted" Doan, president of the Dow Chemical Company, "we're trying to make a buck." Doan, a

The Lampoon's 'Life'

S O WHAT HAS the Lampoon done? It has published a periodical which includes a couple of decent jokes, a

Ben Morea

SOCIETY was too much for Ben Morea, so he ran away from home in New York when he was 17.

Honorary Degrees

H ARVARD likes its Commencement to be a good show, and for a good show, you need big-name stars. Hence

If You Miss His Lecture at 11, He'll Give It Again After Lunch

In an age of decreasing teaching loads, one Harvard professor has voluteered to teach the same course twice a day.

Crew Opens Drive To Gain Support

The group of Harvard crew members supporting the Olympic Project for Human Rights will begin next week to contact by

Vice-President Choice Almost Splits GOP

MIAMI BEACH, Aug. 8--The Republican National Convention which last night nominated Richard M. Nixon because he was the man who

The Convention - A Glittering Bore

MIAMI BEACH. Aug. 7--"Conventions are always dull," one veteran newspaper reporter said to me Tuesday night as we watched part