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Waugh is Hell

Virginia Woolf once divided writers into two categories: those she would have liked to have dinner with, and those with

At Long Last, Love

RUFFAUT IS AT pains at the beginning of his latest film to assure his audience that the events they are


Reading Period is upon us without warning. Ever wonder why the films during the Depression employed huge chorus lines, gaudy

The Titanic Sailed at Dawn

O NLY STANLEY KUBRICK could have done it--made a film more beautiful, more boring and more expensive than The Great

Off the Bus, Off the Wall

A few years ago, a slogan was current that went "Support mental health or I'll kill you." One Flew Over

G & S Without Peers

T HE LIFE-CYCLE of the drama critic resembles that of a not-so-absolute monarch. At the beginning of his reign, he


Dr. Strangelove. Dr. Strangelove is the definitive Cold War satire, perhaps the blackest of apocalyptic humor. It is one of

The New Gotha Programme

Things are tough all over. In New York, the brokers are trading pieces of worthless paper that represent people's life

Courthouse Politics

T O THE DISPLEASURE of many Marxists, the issues that confront the Supreme Court cannot easily be placed on a