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Grad Student Could Face Theft Charges

The case of Jeffrey Nelson, a seven-year graduate student in American History who is alleged to have stolen 3000-5000 books

Immaculate of History, Innocent of Politics

W HEN HARPER'S MAGAZINE published a segment of Joan Didion's novel, A Book of Common Prayer, it seemed that here

The Song Was Not in Vain

I. You will ask where are the lilacs And the metaphysics muffled in poppies I will tell you how things

Rosovsky Letter Advocates Debate, Educational Reform

Reiterating a theme he has addressed many times in the past two years, Dean Rosovsky states in his annual letter


Mississippi's seven electoral votes gave Jimmy Carter the margin he needed early this morning to become the 39th President of

Ex B&G Man To Appeal Threat Verdict

A former Buildings and Grounds superintendent found guilty this summer on charges of threatening a female Harvard student, has filed

Ruling over Radcliffe

When Matina S. Horner picked up this year's guide to Harvard and Radcliffe for perspective students a feeling of irritation

Between black and white: Rosovsky takes on education

Dean Rosovsky is a confident man. Word has it that under his three-year tutelage, the Faculty is running extraordinarily smoothly,

CHUL Told of $500 College Fee Hike; Group Defers Housing Proposals

Undergraduate tuition and room and board costs for next year will rise $500, from $5930 to $6430, Dean Rosovsky said