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Clues to Dewitt

S herlock Holmes: I suppose you know why I am here, Dewitt? Dewitt: No. I don't have a clue. H:

Guzzetti's Risk

A lfred Guzzetti, co-director of Living at Risk, quotes a Jean-Luc Godard saying that aptly sums up his new documentary

McElwee's Sherman

R emember those home movies your crazy uncle would show at big family events? Everyone would gather round the screen

More of The Same Thing With ART's 'Changeling'

T HE AMERICAN REPERTORY THEATRE'S (ART) season premiere, The Changeling, provides an object lesson in dramatic history. Director Robert Brustein--who

A Feast for All

T HEATREGOERS AT HARVARD will tell you that when it comes to extremely creative productions, the show that manages to

Not So Good Schlock

S CHLOCK IS A MISUNDERSTOOD art, especially in the hands of Mordecai Richler, Montreal novelist and author of the screenplay

Vinyl in Boston

A retha Franklin, once the world's greatest living soul singer, has sold out. The erstwhile Queen of Soul, who had

Harvard's Fashion Debut

A female fashion model in a leather outfit struts down a makeshift runway in the auditorium at Roscoe Pound Hall.

My Country Tis of Tree

"R ural Chic." Lately, it seems everyone is talking about the anti-urban phenomenon. But farmers and people who live in