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To Give or Not to Give?

G IVING to Harvard is not such a terrible thing, and after four years the College might actually deserve a

Top Teachers Commended

Tapping a junior American History professor for the third consecutive year, the Undergraduate Council last night awarded the Levenson Teaching

Big Deal

Big Time: Scenes from a Service Economy Written by Keith Reddin Directed by Steven Shachter At the Hasty Pudding Theater

The Myth of Being Presidential

A funny thing happens to chief executive-wanna-bes on their way to the White House--those who actually make it into the

A Solution For Israel

I F, AS comedians joke the essence of being a Jewish male is to feel shame and guilt, then lately

Razo Trial to Be Postponed

The January 12 trial date for Jose L. Razo '89, the Kirkland House resident accused of committing a string of

What Do I Know?

H ARVARD. The very name evokes images of brick buildings, libraries stuffed to the brim with books and four years

Borking Up the Wrong Tree

"T HE SUPREME Court just follows the illiction returns." So opined Mr. Dooley--the fictional Irish politician created by turn of

White Gives Political Lecture

He was the ghost of politics past telling a bunch of pols to change for elections to come. In his

Eddie Pulls a Fast One

T HE REPUBLICANS welcomed a racist last week and termed the occasion an indication of their popular appeal. Eddie Vrdolyak,


A S 30 MEMBERS OF THE PRESS corps pressed into their tenement attic-turned-playroom, the children went about their business of

Dateline America:

J AMES YOUNG, in his book The Washington Community, presents our nation's capitol as a place removed from the concerns

University Bars Press From Coors Speech

The University barred representatives of all but campus media entry to the speech last night by William K. Coors, chairman

The Gripes of Roth

The Counterlife By Phillip Roth Farrar Straus Giroux; 324 pages. T HERE IS NO reality in Phillip Roth's new novel.

Students Pressure for Corporation Response

The Harvard Corporation has yet to respond to a request by 19 student and alumni organizations as well as more