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Jackson, Carter and Ford Win N.Y., Wisc. Primaries

NEW YORK--Sen. Henry M. Jackson (D-Wash.) took the New York Democratic primary yesterday with Rep. Morris K. Udall (D-Ariz.) finishing

At Last The Library Opens

When the Nathan Marsh Pusey Underground Library opened its doors this week, some of its system-builders were there admiring their

Opening Up the Fellowships

Women can now apply for 15 Harvard College fellowships and prizes that used to be restricted to men, because a

A Hall Sampler

A collection of some of Hall's most memorable remarks: On ambition: "When I came here, I understood that I would


Times are hard, but every year a few people walk straight out of Tercentenary Theatre and into the bosom of

Dissonance In the Department

Some longstanding gripes about the way Harvard treats its musicians surfaced this week in a petition signed by 414 students,

God and Bladderball At Yale

Yale is of two minds about itself. Some people, with persuasive sincerity, maintain that Yale is on the whole normal--different

Spreading Out The Fellowships

When there were no undergraduate women at Harvard, not long ago, all of the University's fellowships and prizes naturally went

An Elegant Abstraction

W HAT STRAVINSKY'S Rite of Spring did for music, what Gutenberg did for journalism, what the internal combustion engine did