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A Canine in a Cummerbund

S OMETIMES THE LITTLE RASCALS would try to put on a show. Spanky would cry, "Let's put on a show!"

The Thirty-Six or Thirty-Seven Greatest Movies of All Time

Elsewhere in this little magazine, a spunky fellow whose company we enjoy and whose opinions we respect goes after Orson

Waving Wheat Still Smells Sweet

T HERE WAS AN ABRUPT TRANSITION in the American musical theater between 1942 and 1943, and the transition was between

Candy is randy but pasta is fasta

W HILE trying to figure out the Hite Report the other day, I ran smack into an old friend of

Sleep-away Paradise

T HE SMART MONEY (whoever that is) would have you buy a piece of Mark O'Donnell instead of, say, Douglas

Lots of singing... Not much dancing

More persistent than Banquo's ghost or a Brittanica salesman, the phenomenon of the Hollywood Ten trial, and the terrible trouble

Back in the Ballpark

H OW LONG HAS it been? In years, moderate; in discomfort, boundless. Other teams can claim longer dry spells, but


The Great Dictator. Chaplin, it seems, can do nothing inconsequential. Even this, which many people don't find very funny, seems


Your Show of Shows. Saturday at 11:30 on Channel 7. If television is a cool medium, it's only since Sid


Robin and Marian. Sappy and great. Robin Hood and Little John come back from the Crusades and try to recapture


Touch of Evil is Orson Welles's darkest, most disturbing film. Shot in Venice, California after years of exile from Hollywood


Chinatown. They'll make a mint showing this, and they deserve to. What seemed to be another cashing-in on the spate

Horizontal Pinstripes

T WO DOTTY OLD women shuffled along, their heads bobbing slightly, their eyes a little glazed. One wore a plain


The Thin Man. If you haven't, you must. It's as tight as the book and moves with a drive which


When Franco won the Spanish Civil War in 1939, thousands of left-wing intellectuals and artists fled the country, among them