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For doing The Missouri Breaks Marlon Brando, as bonkers bounty-hunter Robert E. Lee Clayton, finally got paid ($1.5 million, to

A Nation of Hamburger Stands?

I N DECEMBER 1972, Salvador Allende charged before the United Nations that the crisis of the beleaguered Chilean economy was


The Great Dictator. Chaplin, it seems, can do nothing inconsequential. Even this, which many people don't find very funny, seems

Masters of Deceit

In the space of a couple of years during the early seventies, Peter Bohmer, a professor at San Diego State


Touch of Evil is Orson Welles's darkest, most disturbing film. Shot in Venice, California after years of exile from Hollywood


Chinatown. They'll make a mint showing this, and they deserve to. What seemed to be another cashing-in on the spate


The Thin Man. If you haven't, you must. It's as tight as the book and moves with a drive which


American films in the late 40s and early 50s were dominated by a style called film noir, as the optimistic

Come Like the Dust, Go With the Wind

D URING THE BOOM decades since World War II, millions of temporary workers have streamed into the industrial centers of

Choice Critic

American criticism in the twentieth century has been dominated by a tendency which treats literature as a self-referring activity cut


The best film in Cambridge this weekend is at the Harvard-Epworth Church. There are many weekends when this statement could


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Pauline Kael once asked whether Frank Capra had an honest bone in his body. Even

Amare Macht Frei

T HE AMERICAN film world centered in New York has seized upon a new focus: Italian director Lina Wertmuller. No

The Future of Spain

A S FRANCO LIES on his deathbed after 37 years of autocratic rule, the state he leaves behind confronts the

Civil War in Angola...

O N NOVEMBER 11, 1975, Angola will become independent after 400 years of Portuguese rule. But unlike Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau,