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A Trip Around With Kenneth Patchen's Mind

Given that the world resembles the world, there is an aura of calm surrounding the Lost People--never beginning a particular

RUS Lengthens Parietals To Match Harvard Hours

Without a murmur of dissent, RUS made a resolution yesterday to match Harvard's parietal extension to 72 hours per week.

Rocky Shines in Primary; Kennedy Edges Humphrey

With over half of the precinct votes tallied, the focus of yesterday's Massachusetts presidential primary is on a surprise showing

PBH Plans to Scrap Old Tutor Program; Seeks Volunteer Pool

Phillips Brooks House plans to scrap the present individual tutoring program, and with it the whole "tutoring qua tutoring ethic,"

PBH Negotiates Program With Local Reach Group

Phillips Brooks House Association is negotiating affiliation with a Cambridge social service organization that could lead to a $48,000 grant

The Selective Service System

A LTHOUGH at this very moment you may be questioning not only why the Selective Service System wants you, but

Sanders Meeting Begins Fast Here To Protest War

The Harvard fast-in protest of the war in Vietnam began yesterday, with the Rev. Richard E. Mumma, of United Ministry,

Fasters Request Refund on Meals For Contribution to War Refugees

The organizers of the four-day anti-war fast, which already has over 300 students committed, submitted a letter to Dean Watson