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'Sabotage' Contest to Dramatize Computer Fallibility and Misuse

Anyone with technically feasible ideas on how best to "embarrass, harass, or 'sabotage' a large computer system which has done

Have Politics Dictated the Class of 1974?

Few people are over satisfied with the Harvard freshman class, but this year criticism of the selection process has often

Anti-War Activity Continues at Harvard

Two weeks after a Harvard mass meeting of more than 3000 people voted to strike, participation in campus anti-war activities

Coop Announces Cuts In Patronage Refunds

The Coop's current estimate of net profit calls for a 25 per cent decrease in this year's total patronage refund-a

Bus Drivers Spurn NAC After Warning from FBI

Drivers for the Michaud Bus Company in Salem-after a visit from the FBI yesterday morning-refused to drive six buses which

Osmond Predicts More Drug Use

The widespread use of hallucinogenic drugs may well lead society to "a higher level of social conscience" and may be

Harvard Alumni Donations Lag As Fund Drive Nears Conclusion

Fewer people are contributing to Harvard's annual funds this year than was the case a year ago, and total contributions

Committee Delays Verdict On General Motors Battle

Harvard's decision on whether or not to support GM opponents in a proxy fight next month will have to wait

Nixon Wins Poll On Incompetence

According to Coop customers, Richard M. Nixon best exemplifies the principle that members of any heirarchy inevitably rise to their